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President desk

Dear Members,

I will be failing in my duty if I do not thank each and every one of you for having cosidered me fit to occupy this desk on again. I pray that I will achieve a miniscule degree of success that my very distingushed predecesser has set for us to follow.

I thank all the members and Dignitaries who have participated to ELIAP 40th Annual General Meeting held on 21.05.2011. I have shared my feelings about the Industry with our member coluages during the AGM same I would like to share with you through this newly initiated ELIAP e-News Letter.

It has been a tough journery for the last 2 years for the recession that was around since 2008, added to this sequence of events in the changing governments, turmoils, the agitations for separate state hoods and bandhs. Nevertheless, our Industry sustained and are bouncing back.

The overall industrial growth has been good and there is increase of upward growth since last quarter of year 2010. The Govt. of India and the Telecom Ragulatory imposing anti dumping durties on Import of Telecom Equipments and the very recent Govt. of INDIA mooting include all Govrnment purchases to the extent of 30 to 50% local “Made In India” produce would be the biggest encouragement for Local manufactueres, as this we have lost out in the last decade.

The managing Committee has been meeting regularly to carry on various activities of the Association. ELIAP actively represented, pursued and continue to persue for the overall growth for our Association Members.

On our successive persuasion with State Government, ELIAP now is inducted into Advisory Council to the Hon’ble Chief Minister for Industrial Promotion and Investments and succeeded to include in the G.O.M.s.No.522 Dated 10.08.2010.

With the continuous follow-up by ELIAP, Electronic Hardware Industry was included in the ICT Policy 2010 up to that extent G.O.Ms.No.09 of 2010 dated 07-07-2010 was issued.

Till year 2007 Electronic Hardware was part our IT&C department, and was shifted to Industries Department. Since there was no much focus given to from the Industries Department, ELIAP has taken up this issue very aggressively and seriously with representations to the Hon’ble Chief minister, Minister for IT & C, Principle Secretary IT & C, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

With continuous persuasions, Government has issued G.O.Ms.No.198 of 2011 dated.27.04.2011 shifting the subject Electronic Hardware from Industries Department to IT & C Department.

We have organized a Meeting on 28.04.2011 with the Hon’ble Minister for IT & C Shri. Ponnala Lakshmaiah. About 20 of oir member Industrialist have participated in this meeting and discussed several issues with the Minister.

The Hon’ble Minister for IT &C declared that another Industrial Park in 300 Acres will be started for Electronic Hardware Industries. And a comprehensive policy would be lined up with suggestions from us.

We have been pursuing with APIIC to re-locate the Hardware SEZ at Maheswaram to Fab-city and to the members would be directed to file for allotments when will be given the final allotments soon.

We also are contemplating to pursuing for establishment of ‘Electronic Cluster Development” “Common Facilities Centre” through MSME and Government of A.P. I hope the Offcials shall reciprocate to our request.

We also are actively persuing to get land for construction of ELIAP own Building.

Planning to improve the services & Programs for the benefit of the members

We shall shortly be issuing ELIAP Membership Certificates to the all paid members.

We shall be forming more sub-committes for the various programs and seminars that we are proposing in the coming term.

We also oted a representaion with the State Government for making “ELIAP Membership” mandatory for obtaining NOCs from APIIC, Availing Subsidies, and getting VAT Registration and rebates.

Your are aware that our association is slowely able to get the recognation and visibility in the Government and across all industrial associations in INDIA. We also planning to persue for overseas tie up with International Associations.

In order to do this we the existing members are requested to persuate other non members to join the association and strengthen ELIAP.

With Best Regards
N. Siva Prasad