A.P. Government Website Links
A.P. Commercial Taxes www.apvatonline.com
A.P. Government Orders www.apts.gov.in/apgos
A.P. Industrial Development Corporation www.apind.com
A.P. State Financial Corporation www.ap-sfc.com
A.P. Infrastructure Corporation www.apiicltd.com
Commissionerate of Industries www.apind.com, www.apind.gov.in
Information Technology & Communications Department www.apit.gov.in
Software Technology Park of India www.stph.com
Small Industries Services Institute (SISI) www.sisi_ap.com , www.laghuudyoug.com
National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) www.nsicindia.com
Customs & Central Excies www.cbec.com , www.ieport.com