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Networking Meets on SES 2011
ELCINA Networking meet with industry colleagues on Strategic Electronics summit 2011 an initiative to highlight and share the opportunities in defence and aerospace electronics.
Electronic City Expo India 2011
Electronic City Magazine In Association of Electronic Industries Association of Andhra Pradeh Organized “Electronic City Expo India 2011 a 3 In One Exhibition on Power & Testing Electronics Expo, LED Lighting Expo & Solar Energy Expo from 28th 29th 30th May 2011 at NSIC – EMBDP, Kushaiguda, Hyderabad. The Exhibition was inaugurated by Shri. N.Siva Prasad, president ELIAP and Shri.K.Vijayakumar Gupta, Past President ELIAP has presented as Guest of Honour. About 40 Electronic & Solar Manufacturing companies have exhibited their proucts.
ELIAP Electronic Industries Association Of Andhra Pradesh is 40 years old and having a Membership of 350 Electronic manufacturing Units in the State of Andhra Pradesh has celebrated 40th Annual General Meeting in continuation to that the Elections to the Association were held on 21st May 2011 at IETE Conference Hall, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
The Programme started with welcome Address by Association President Shri.N.Siva Prasad. Vice-President Shri. G.Srinivasa Rao, Presented the Hon. Secretary’s report consisting with the activities of the Association for the period of 2009-10. The same was put for the approval of the members Shri.K.Vijayakumar Gupta proposed,Shri.S.Ravi seconded.

Shri.K.K.Raju, Treasurer presented the Audited Accounts of the Assotion and the sssociation got net profit of Rs.1,04,871 during the Financial Year 2009-10 and the same was Accounted to the Balance Sheet. The accounts were put for the approval of the members Shri. L.Satyanarayana proposed and Shri. K.S.Babu seconded the same. Shri. K.K.Raju Treasurer proposed to the members about change of the prosent auditors M/s. Lakshmi Narayana & Associates to M/s Satyanarayana Raju & Associates and to fix their remunaration. The same was proposed for the approal by Shri.A.Krishna Prasad and seconded by Shri. C.Babu Reddy. The members accepted to change the auditors and to authorize the Newly elected Office Bearers can fix the auditors remuaneration.
ELIAP Elections
The Association has Conducted Election and declared the results of new Committee members for the year 2010-12. Shri.P.Kamaleswara Rao, Director ETDC has acted as a Presiding Officer for the ELIAP Election and the same were declared by Shri. K.Vijayakumar Gupta, Past President ELIAP

The Newely Elected Executive Committee member’s have re-elected Shri.N.Siva Prasad as President, and Shri.G.Srinivasa Rao as a Vice-President, Shri.K.K.Raju as Hon.Secretary. The committee will elect the Joint – Secretary and Treasurer in the 1st Committee meeting. The members congratulated & welcomed the New Committee. Past President ELIAP Presenting a Bouquet to the New President, Shri. Surash Babu, Past Jt. Secretry presinting a Bouquet to the New Vice-President Shri.A.Krishna Prasad Presenting a Bouquet to the New Hon.Secretary.
Awareness Programme on MSME Schemes
Aftert the AGM two awareness program was conducted on ” MSME Schemes” By Shri. S.Sarath Kumar, Asst.Director, MSME –DI Government of India Ministry of MSME. Shri. Sara Kumar apprised about various Schemes available for the benefit of MSME’s. Some of the useful schems like Technical Consultancy, Economic Investigation and Statistics, Schems under National Manufacturing competitiveness programme schems like Barc Coding fee reimbrsement,Support for Enterpreneurial and Managerial Development of SME’s through incubators,Quality Management Standerds/Quality Technology Tools(QMS/QTT), Lean Manufacturing, Mini Tool Room, Training Programs like EDPs, Skill Development Schems for MSME sector like Creit Guarantee Fund Trust for MSMe’s, Creit linked Capital Subsidy Scheme for the Technology Upgradation, ISO 9000/14000/HACCP certification, Cluster Development programme, Market Development Assistance, Scheme for Capcity Building. National Awards for MSE’s, etc.,

Intersted members to avail the above benefits through contact MSME – DI Hyderabad or may contact ELIAP Office for further informantion about the schemes.
Presentation on “Product Certifications for Export Market”

After the AGM a Presentation on “Product Certifications for Export Market” by Shri.G.Kalyan Varmja, Country Head, Prodicts,M/s.TUV Rheinland. Shri. Varma apprised about several Certifications required for a product to be exported. Mainly he focused on Product Safty and Quality Services and EMC Marking, CE, FCC,IC,VCCI, TUV EMC Mark ect., and several Cerfifications and how to go forward to cerfify the products and to get the ree remburcement through availing MSME schemes.
ELIAP Delegation meet with the Hon'ble Minister for IT & C
ELIAP has organized a Meeting on 28.04.2011 with the Hon,ble Minister for IT & C Shri. Ponnala Lakshmaiah. About 20 ELIAP Members delegation led by the Presidetn Shri. N.Siva Prasad have participated in this meeting and discussed several issues with the Hon’ble Minister.and Smt. K.RatnaPrabha, IAS, Prinipal Secretary IT & C Department. Shri. Gopi Krishna IPS, Jt. Secretary IT & C, Shri. Ravi Prasada Rao , Jt. Director, IT &C Department and Shri. T.V.Pardhasaradhi, Director IT & C Department, Shri.P.S.Murthy , Jt.Director, IT&C represented in the meeting.

The delegation thanked the Hon’ble Minister for his efforts and continuous persuasions with Government in bringing the G.O.Ms.No.198 of 2011 dated.27.04.2011 shifting the subject Electronic Hardware from Industries Department to IT & C Department. A Representation was given to Shri.Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Hon’ble Minister about the Changes required in the ICT Policy 2010-15.

Fortunately with the dynamic efforts of the Hon’ble Minister & Principle Secretary for IT & C who were instrumental in bring this said G.O, added to this the Hon’ble Minister conducted a press conference along with Smt. K.RatnaPrabha, IAS, Prinipal Secretary IT & C Department and ELIAP Representatives. Hon’ble Minister declared that another Industrial Park in 300 Acres will be started for Electronic Hardware Industries. And a comprehensive policy would be lined up with suggestions from ELIAP.
Representation to IT & C Minister about ELIAP Own Building
ELIAP 20 member delegation met the Hon’ble minister for IT & c Shri.Ponnala Lakshmaiah, on
28 -04-2011 at his Chambers in A.P. Secretariat in the leader ship of Shri. N.Siva Prasad, President ELIAP and a Representation was given to Hon’ble Minister for IT &C Requesting the State Government to Provide Land to construct ELIAP Own Building & to Develop a common Facilities Center for the ELIAP Members.
Meeting with IT & C Department
ELIAP Delegation Led by Shri.G.Srinivasa Rao, Vice-President, ELIAP met Shri. Ravi Prasada Rao, Jt. Director, IT &C Department and Shri. T.V.Pardhasaradhi, Director IT & C Department 20-04-2011 and apprised about Industry requirement and changes required in the New ICT Policy 2010-15.
Industry Meet

ELIAP has taken active part in Industry Institute Interaction Program and participated in Industry Meet at CITD on 06-04-2011. This meet was organized by Department of Technical Education and Commissioner of Industries Mr.K.Lakshminarayana IAS Commissioner Higher Education, Shri. Karikal Vellavan IAS Commissioner Industries were participated in the meet. Another meeting was held on 11-04-2011 at IDA, Uppal ELIAP has taken active part and participated in Industry Meets organized by Department of Technical Education and Commissioner of Industries and dicinimated the information to the members.

State Board of Technical Education has incorporated 6 Months Industrial training as a part of the curriculam of Diploma Course from this Acadamic Year. Department requested the Industry to extend their co-operation in this regard to improve the quality of the eudcation provided to the students and to supply the quality manpower to the industry.

ELIAP appeals to the members to send their willing ness to ELIAP to take the students for providing the 6 months training.